Hotel Rubenshof is located in a stately civic home (1891).
The first inhabitant, Gustave Antoine, was a well-known diamond dealer and art sharpener. In 1900 he became honorary consul of Serbia.
After his son and heir moved to another building, a cardinal would have resided here.

The mansion has the same layout as many houses on the Amerikalei; through the high front door (note the foot scraper on the right) one enters a hallway with on the left the door that led to the servants room in the basement. A decorative door was placed on the right just for symmetry.
Opposite the front door, a marble staircase of nine steps leads to the "ground floor".
The tasteful furnishings (neo-Roco, neo-Renaissance, chinoiserie and Art Nouveau style) have been preserved on this first floor.

Art Nouveau
The Rubenshof has an almost entirely original chinoiserie and art nouveau breakfast room, with beautiful carvings and stained glass windows.