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The small family hotel Rubenshof is set in an elegant residential house (1891).
The first resident, Gustave Antoine, was a known diamond merchant and fancy polisher. In 1900 he became Honorary Consul of Serbia. After his heir and son had moved into another property, a cardinal would have resided here.
The mansion has the same arrangement as many houses on the Amerikalei; the high front door (note the boot scraper on the right) leads into a hall with on the left hand a door that led to the servant room in the basement. On the right side a decorative door was installed to create symmetry. Opposite the front door a marble staircase of nine steps leads to the “ground floor”. On this bel étage the elegant decoration (neo-Rococo, neo-Renaissance, chinoiserie and art nouveau) is preserved.

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Hotel Rubenshof is situated in the district “Het Zuid (the South)”, a lively mix of restaurants, pubs, galleries and theatres. The Royal Museum of Fine Arts (KMSKA), the Museum of Modern Art (M HKA) and the Photo museum (FOMU) are just a short walk away.
A 20 minutes walk through the famous Kloosterstraat and its exclusive shops you reach the old city with the cathedral.
There are direct trams and buses to the old town, the central station, the “Sportpaleis”, the Hall “De Roma”, the MAS museum, etc.

Art Nouveau
The Rubenshof has a nearly entirely original chinoiserie and art nouveau breakfast room, with beautiful carvings and stained glass windows.
Remarkable art nouveau properties near the hotel are “The Five Continents” in the Schildersstraat and the Liberal People’s House “Help U Zelve (Help thyself)” (Steiner School) in the Volkstraat. In one of the many antique and bric-a-brac shops in the Kloosterstraat that connects “Het Zuid” with the old city, there is still a chance to find an original piece.
Tram 4 takes you through the old town and the Jewish neighbourhood, to the superb belle epoque area Zurenborg, near Berchem Station.